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Rachel's laid back approach to sharing her story while mapping out solutions made each video easy to follow  and understand...I really appreciated the way Rachel encouraged me to partner with God towards freedom. It was obvious that her walk with God is authentic.  Listening to her share how God lead her inspired me to draw even closer to Him. 

Barbara Joyce, Abba's Embrace, Founder

I love the continual reference to the heart of the Father and the need to lean on Jesus and Holy Spirit. Challenging the reader to dialogue with the Lord is powerful- that was my favorite part of the [series]...I believe [this] is going to be very relatable to anyone with any type of past pain or struggle. Even though my past is quite different from yours, I was still touched, challenged, and ultimately provoked to go deeper in my relationship with Him. If I were a teacher grading this work, I would give it an A+. 

Robby Atwood, Director One27 House of Prayer

Rachel Lehman is a warm and caring guide leading you to the truth of God's love as sister, friend, and been there/done that overcomer that we welcome along our journey. Rachel's transparency and genuineness in sharing her life experiences, and what God freed her from, has positioned her as an annointed Kingdom Facilitator and Thought Leader in this field. She is the fierce, yet caring champion needed for you to take the courageous, necessary steps towards the best that God has...

Marnie Baker, Author; President, Teivah Ministries; Founder, The Teivah Corporation

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