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Healthy relationships are built around love. The love of God is indisputable. It created us and it finds us wherever we go. It never leaves us and it never wants to. When you find it, you won't want to ever let it go. This love won't lead you astray. It's stronger than any wave you could ever feel and bigger than any argument you could ever be in. It encapsulates you and holds you closer than any person ever could. It lifts you out of darkness and into the light. It feels perfect when you are surrounded by it. It's the love of God. It's Him in His completeness. It's by this love that He sent Jesus to us. To show us that love in the flesh. He then sent the Holy Spirit to be that love inside of us and to help us.

The problem is that we are still human. We still make mistakes. We still trust when we shouldn't. We may continue to not trust someone in areas that we should. We may still believe in things that we should just let go of. We mistrust. We sometimes feel what we shouldn't and think things that aren't very Godly. One thing I've learned is that life is a journey and a process. It isn't figured out in one day and God doesn't expect us to. He wants us to enjoy the journey with Him. I thank God that He is a forgiving and patient God. I thank God that he is patient with my humanness and my mistakes. I thank God that He doesn't condemn me or think I'm just too sick or too weak for Him to bless or heal. Forward is forward and I'm thankful I have a God that loves me in my forward, no matter how it looks to me.

I know in my journey with Jesus, I haven't always represented a very pretty picture of God's love. If I were to place myself into 1 Corinthians 13, I wouldn't always match very well. I still fall short of being a picture of love in some areas of my life. I am often not very patient. I will sometimes keep a record of wrongs that someone has done to me to prove some point that I think needs to be made. I am sometimes jealous of what someone else has that I still don't. I don't always trust, persevere or have hope. Life is hard and the journey sometimes still breaks me in areas that I thought would never hurt again.     


My love isn't God's love and I'm thankful I need Him. I NEED Him to keep His love inside of me. I need HIS love to refresh me and help me with myself. I NEED Him to help me with forgiveness and trust and truth. I NEED Him to help me grow and to keep moving forward when I want to quit. I NEED Him and I don't ever want to live without Him. To trust Him is to trust that I may not always like the things that happen in this life, but with Him, I can make it. I can overcome and I can achieve freedom in places that I never thought would feel free again. His love is my guide and my hope. His love is what keeps me moving forward. His love is what I love and I never want to be without that love again. Thank You Lord for YOUR love for me. Your patience, Your trust, Your truth and Your hope for me.

I'm glad You are perfect and that I am Yours.
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