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My identity was wrapped up in words.  It took me years and years to realize this. People's words hold power. They hold meaning for us. They hold feelings and beliefs. Words. Words can be true or words can be a lie. Words can be for manipulation. They can be for discouragement or encouragement. Words. Such simple things hold the power to destroy us when used wrongly. 

Why do you believe someone if they say they love you? Are they showing you love or are you simply believing their words? Do you know their words to be true or are you just the trusting sort? 

I realized that many of my emotions and things that made me tick were wrapped up in people's words. I believed what they said, so therefore it became my truth. Their actions would often hurt me, but once they said they said they loved me or spent time with me, that automatically would cancel out my hurt feelings and I would once again feel love. But is this truth?

I believe domestic abuse starts with words vs actions. An evil heart or mean-spirited person can exist behind kind words. They can also exist behind kind actions. Someone that isn't changing at all can always tell you something that isn't true. What are their actions showing you about what they are changing?  Are they searching God for an answer? Can you tell a difference in their behavior?  Or are they simply making false promises that hold no value? 

We get entwined into people's masks of truth that they create and allow them to hurt us over and over and over, not knowing how to make it stop. 

Start today. Look at people's actions. How do those actions make you feel? Are they changing for the better or just saying they are? Some people will always hide if you allow them to. Ask God to show you the truth today and start living again based on what He says to be true.  That is what brings happiness and the ability to Live Beyond. 

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