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Healing or taking the steps to healing isn't always easy.  Honestly, is usually isn't. It really feels like going through the narrow gate as the bible speaks of.  It's tough and feels awful many times.   The first step of healing begins, I believe, when we first begin to see that maybe what we made ourselves out to be in life, or the life we want everyone to believe we have isn't really real.

When we first see that we aren't really happy, although we act and tell everyone we are.  When we really begin to notice that void within us that longs for more.  It longs for more joy, more peace, more happiness, togetherness or even a life you've always wanted.  When we first begin to see that those words our husbands, boyfriends, church members, or even family members tell us really do hurt, although we pretend it doesn't and we continually allow it.   Healing begins to grow in us when we not only see it, but begin to find ways to change it.   Healing and change come with a price.  It comes with a price too high for some.  Change and healing come with adversity, heartache, and pain, to say the least.  It comes with standing up against hurtful people and finding that courage within yourself to stand and speak out, although that courage is what failed you time and again in your past.  It takes looking past that and knowing there is life on the other side away from this way of life.   Taking the steps to healing comes with failures as well as successes.  It comes with falling down and getting back up. It comes with not stopping and for me, relying heavily on Christ, what He stood for, how much He loves me and in knowing and really realizing what He died for.  He died for me and YOU.  He died for YOU and knows you can stand against anything as long as He is in you to help.   Start today.  Ask Jesus in, if you haven't already, ask Him for His strength and His courage and then let the healing and change begin.   Don't fear change.  It's not changing and not healing that keeps you away from that life you have always wanted.  He will bring YOU the desires of your heart if you follow Him to freedom.   Contact me today for ways to find your life of freedom and let the healing begin. You won’t be sorry you did.

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